Handing is oriented to precision manufacturing industries such as consumer electronics, semiconductors, PCBs, precision hardware, plastics, molds, lithium batteries, and new energy vehicles. With our team's professional technical knowledge and rich experience in the vision measurement industry, we can provide customers with complete dimensions. Measurement and vision inspection solutions promote the development of manufacturing to higher efficiency, higher quality and higher intelligence.

Linear encoder

  • Enclosed Linear Scales

    Enclosed Linear Scales

    Enclosed Linear Scales are high-precision optical encoders that offer reliable and accurate measurements for industrial applications. With a focus on meeting the needs of middle to low-end customers in Asia, North America, Europe, and other regions, these scales are widely used in measuring equipment, automation equipment, and more.

  • Rotary encoders and ring scales

    Rotary encoders and ring scales

    The Pi20 series rotary encoders is a one-piece stainless steel ring grating with 20 µm pitch incremental graduations engraved on the cylinder and an optical reference mark. It is available in three sizes, 75mm, 100mm and 300mm in diameter. The rotary encoders have excellent mounting accuracy and feature a tapered mounting system that reduces the need for high-tolerance machined parts and eliminates center misalignment. It has the characteristics of large inner diameter and flexible installation. It uses a non-contact form of reading, eliminating backlash, torsional errors and other mechanical hysteresis errors inherent in traditional enclosed gratings. It fits the RX2 open optical encoders.

  • Incremental Exposed Linear Encoders

    Incremental Exposed Linear Encoders

    RU2 20μm incremental exposed linear encoders is designed for high precision linear measurement.

    RU2 exposed linear encoders adopts the most advanced single field scanning technology,automotic gain control technology and automatic correction technology.

    RU2 has high accuracy, strong anti pollution ability.

    RU2 is suitable for high precision automation equipment, high precision measuring equipment, such as the need for closed-loop, speed control of high performance, high reliability applications.

    RU2 compatible with HANDING‘s advanced RUS series stainless steel scale and RUE series invar scale.

  • LS40 Open Optical Encoders

    LS40 Open Optical Encoders

    The LS40 series open optical encoders is a compact grating for high dynamic precision system, single-field scanning application and low-latency subdivision processing, so that it has excellent dynamic performance.

    The LS40 series encoders is compatible with the M4 series ultra-thin stainless steel scale with a 40μm grating pitch, and the expansion coefficient is exactly the same as that of the substrate. There is no need for separate temperature compensation. Corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant scale, high-strength scale, can effectively prevent damage to the scale, making it still applicable in places with harsh environments. The scale surface is uncoated and when contaminated, the scale can be cleaned with solvents.