3D rotating video microscope

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The 3D Rotating Video Microscope with Measurement Function is a high-end microscope that offers a 360-degree rotating feature with advanced 4K imaging and powerful measuring capabilities. It is perfect for industries that require detailed measurements and a thorough understanding of the objects being inspected.

  • Optical Magnification: 0.6-5.0X
  • Image Magnification: 26-214X
  • Minimum object field of view: 1.28×0.96mm
  • Largest object field of view: 10.6×8mm
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    Product Features

    1. 360-Degree Rotation: The all-around rotating design allows users to view objects from any angle, enabling a comprehensive inspection.

    2. 4K Video Quality: The microscope features advanced 4K video technology, providing ultra-clear images with exceptional detail.

    3. Versatile Measuring Function: The microscope offers a highly precise measuring function, making it perfect for quality control, mold production, and PCB board manufacturing.

    4. User-Friendly Operation: The microscope is easy to use, enabling users of all skill levels to operate it with ease.

    5. High-Quality Construction: The microscope is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability, and long-lasting use.

    Technical specifications

    ●Zoom range: 0.6X~5.0X
    ●Zoom ratio: 1:8.3
    ●Maximum comprehensive magnification: 25.7X~214X (Philips 27" monitor)
    ●Objective field of view range: Min:1.28mm×0.96mm ,Max:10.6mm×8mm
    ●Viewing angle: horizontal and 45 degree angle
    ●The plane area of the stage: 300mm×300mm (customizable)
    ●Using height of support frame (with fine-tuning module): 260mm
    ●CCD (with 0.5X connector): 2 million pixels, 1/2" SONY chip, HDMI high-definition output
    ●Light source: adjustable 6-ring 4-zone LED light source
    ●Voltage input: DC12V

    Product Advantages

    1. 360-Degree Rotating Design: This rotating microscope offers a 360-degree rotating feature, allowing users to view the object from any angle.

    2. 4K Imaging: Equipped with the latest technology, 3D Rotating Video Microscope provides ultra-clear 4K imaging, giving users a highly detailed view of the object.

    3. Advanced Measurement Function: The microscope comes with advanced measuring capabilities, providing fine measurements with high accuracy.

    4. Easy to Use: The microscope is easy to operate, enabling users of all skill levels to use it with minimal training.

    5. Durable and Reliable: Built with the highest quality materials, the microscope is designed to be durable and reliable, ensuring longevity.



    What is the average lead time?

    For encoders and general purpose measuring machines, we usually have them in stock and ready to ship. For special customized models, please consult customer service staff to confirm the delivery time.

    Do your products have MOQ? If yes, what is the minimum order quantity?

    Yes, we require a MOQ of 1 set for all equipment orders and 20 sets for linear encoders.

    What are the working hours of your company?

    Domestic business working hours: 8:30 am to 17:30 pm;

    International business working hours: all day.

    Which groups and markets are your products suitable for?

    Our products are suitable for dimensional measurement in electronics, precision hardware, molds, plastics, new energy, medical equipment, automation equipment and other industries.

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