About Us


Dongguan Handing Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of optical measurement solutions focusing on export, technology research and development, production, sales and service.


Who We Are?

Experience in industry
High skilled technician
Quantity of instruments exported

Han Ding Optical not only has core products such as video measuring machine, instant vision measuring machine, PPG battery thickness gauge, grating ruler, incremental linear encoder,etc., we also provide customization of optical measurement core components, such as: vision measurement system, light source system , lens, OMM fixture, etc.

Handing adheres to the development concept of "independent innovation, serving the world", giving full play to the advantages of the domestic measurement industry and creating each of our products with international quality, providing our customers with more competitive products and services, so as to help Customers create greater value.

Handing is committed to promoting the 4.0 industrial innovation of the optical measurement industry and is committed to building a vision equipment platform of China's own brand to help the global precision manufacturing industry.

Handing is oriented to precision manufacturing industries such as consumer electronics, semiconductors, PCBs, precision hardware, plastics, molds, lithium batteries, and new energy vehicles. With our team's professional technical knowledge and rich experience in the vision measurement industry, we can provide customers with complete dimensions. Measurement and vision inspection solutions promote the development of manufacturing to higher efficiency, higher quality and higher intelligence. We have delivered nearly 1000 instruments to Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Israel, Mexico, Russia and other countries, and more and more customers choose us as a qualified supplier of quality control machines.

Corporate Vision

The vision of Handing is to promote the industrial innovation of the optical measurement industry, improve the happiness index of employees, and help the global precision manufacturing industry.


Provide complete and efficient product measurement solutions for each of our customers.