Automatic 3D video measuring machine

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HD-322EYT is an automatic video measuring machine independently developed by Handing. It adopts cantilever architecture, optional probe or laser to achieve 3d measurement, repetitive accuracy of 0.0025mm and measurement accuracy (2.5 + L /100)um.

  • Range: 400*300*200mm
  • Accuracy: 2.5+L/100
  • Repetition accuracy: 2.5μm
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    Product features

    Exclusive appearance of independent design, unique appearance design at home and abroad.
    High cost-effective imported equipment is the same configuration, HD-322E is more cost-effective.
    High accuracy provides stable repetition accuracy and measurement accuracy.
    Customized according to customer needs, customized exclusive report style.
    The manufacturer guarantees the warranty of the whole machine for 12 months

    Model HD-322E HD-432E HD-5040E
    X/Y/Z measurement range 300×200×200mm 400×300×200mm 500×400×200mm
    XYZ axis base  Grade 00 green marble
    Machine base  Grade 00 green marble
    Bearing capacity of glass countertop 25kg
    Transmission type High precision cross drive guide and polished rodUWC servo motor
    Optical scale resolution 0.001mm
    X/Y linear measurement accuracy (μm) ≤3+L/200
    Repetition accuracy (μm) ≤3
    Camera  TEO HD color industrial camera
    Lens Auto zoom lens, optical magnification: 0.7X-4.5X,image magnification: 30X-200X
    Software function and  Image system Image software: it can measure points, lines, circles, arcs, angles, distances, ellipses, rectangles, continuous curves, tilt corrections, plane corrections, and origin setting. The measurement results display the tolerance value, roundness, straightness, position and perpendicularity. The degree of parallelism can be directly exported and imported into Dxf, Word, Excel, and Spc files for editing which is suitable for batch testing for customer report programming. At the same time, part of and the entire product can be photographed and scanned, and the size and image of the entire product can be recorded and archived, then the dimensional error marked on the picture is clear at a glance.
    Image card: SDK2000 chip image transmission system, with clear image and stable transmission.
    Illumination system Continuously adjustable LED light (Surface illumination +contour illumination), with lower heating value and long service life
    Overall dimension(L*W*H) 1100×700×1650mm 1350×900×1650mm 1600×1100×1650mm
    Weight(kg) 200kg 240kg 290kg
    Power supply AC220V/50HZ AC110V/60HZ
    Computer Customized computer host
    Display Philips 24 inches
    Warranty 1 year warranty for the whole machine
    Switching power supply Mingwei MW 12V/24V

    The function of the machine

    CNC function: automatic programming measurement, with automatic focus, automatic multiplier switching, automatic light source control function.
    Image automatic edge scanning function: fast, accurate, repetitive, make the measurement work easier, high efficiency.
    Geometry measurement: point, straight line, circle, circular arc, ellipse, rectangle, groove shape, O-ring, distance, Angle, open cloud line, closed cloud line, etc.
    Measurement data can be imported into the MES, QMS system, and can be stored in SI, SIF, SXF, and dxf in multiple formats.
    Data reports can export txt, word, excel, and PDF in multiple formats.
    Reverse engineering function and the same operation of CAD use, can realize the mutual conversion of software and AutoCAD engineering drawing, and directly distinguish the error between the workpiece and the engineering drawing.


    Who are your company's suppliers?

    Hiwin, TBI, KEYENCE, Renishaw, Panasonic, Hikvision, etc. are all our accessories suppliers.

    What is your production process?

    Receiving orders - purchasing materials - full inspection of incoming materials - mechanical assembly - performance testing - shipping.

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