What is Vision System for Measurement?

What is Vision System for Measurement?

In today’s fast-paced production environments, traditional measurement methods may cause delays and errors. This is where the Vision Measurement Systems (VMS) come in to deliver high precision, automated, and faster measurements.

Product Description:

VMS is a digital measuring instrument that utilizes software and cameras to capture images and perform accurate measurements. With a non-contact measurement mechanism, VMS is preferred over contact measurement instruments like micrometers and Vernier calipers.

Product Applications:

In industries, including electronics, hardware, plastics, molds, and other related areas, VMS is a valuable measuring tool. It is ideal for measuring parts that require high precision and repeatability in the production line. VMS can be used to measure the dimensions of circuit boards and other small electronic components, small metal and plastic parts, molds, and plastic parts to ensure they meet the necessary specifications.

Product Advantages:

VMS has several benefits over traditional measurement instruments. Firstly, it saves time and cost, as it enables faster measurements of a large volume of parts with high accuracy. Secondly, VMS has automated measurement capabilities, which increases efficiency and productivity by reducing manual measurement errors. Thirdly, VMS has a non-contact feature; the delicate electronic and plastic parts are handled without causing damage and reducing internal defects. Lastly, VMS software is easy to use and enables users to create production manuals and visualize design features.

Product Features:

VMS incorporates elaborate software that displays higher accuracy, clear imaging, and rich functionality. The system displays a unique Edge Detection function, which automatically detects the edges of the object and makes accurate measurements. Another notable feature is the Optical Magnification lens that enables the user to zoom in or out on a small object to focus on the areas of interest while still maintaining image quality. Additionally, VMS’s intuitive interface offers an easy-to-use experience, cutting down on training, and reduces the learning curve.


In conclusion, VMS is a valuable measuring tool that improves the quality of production while increasing productivity, cutting down on training and learning curve, helps prevent defects from production errors, and ultimately saves time and labor costs. VMS is particularly useful for electronic, hardware, and molding industries that require high precision, repeatability, accuracy, and efficiency.

Are you looking for a more precise and efficient measuring tool? Look no more, VMS is a trustworthy and reliable Vision Measurement System.

Post time: May-18-2023